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Option to disable animated UI transitions - Feedback / Suggestion - PIA Support Portal


Option to disable animated UI transitions Deployed

I would love to be able to disable all of the "modern" animated UI transitions on the desktop client. Almost every action in the UI takes just a little longer than it should in what I assume is an attempt to look sexy. The most blatant example is scrolling on the server list. It's frustrating to scroll down on the server list, let go of the mouse wheel, then wait a second or so while the UI catches up to where you scrolled (or wait for it to stop scrolling past where you tried to stop). It's not a long wait, but it makes the app feel slow.

Similarly, when dismissing the notification are icon UI, it takes most of a second to "fade away". You have to wait before you can click whatever other thing was behind the PIA window. Again, it just makes the app feel slow.

The Disable Accelerated Graphics option has no relevance to this suggestion. The animations occur whether that option is on or off.

Thanks for your consideration!