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[Windows] PIA App - Launch on Boot - Feedback / Suggestion - PIA Support Portal


[Windows] PIA App - Launch on Boot Awaiting Review

Please add an option on the Settings to allow PIA to run on boot instead of startup.

The Issue:
A. When you set the VPN Killswitch to Auto or Always, there will be timespan that the whole computer can't connect to the internet until PIA runs and get connected to the VPN Server.

B. This is annoying since if a few of your startup apps doesn't have auto-reconnect features, those will apps have to closed and re-opened to run again. This happens on every single reboot.

C. This issue is more prevalent if PIA's position on the startup queue is in the middle or the last.


B. I read the article above, and it seems VPN apps can launch in service daemon mode.

C. This allows to have the VPN connection up and running right after system boot even when nobody is logged on

D. This also ensures Windows and all startup apps is connected to the VPN immediately upon login and there's no disconnection anymore that usually happens when the VPN is on connecting to server state.