Do You Have A Chrome Extension?

Yes! We recently launched our Chrome extension which is available here.

Here, you'll learn how to install and start using the extension, to protect your web browsing!

1. Install the PIA extension from the Chrome webstore here. Once the extension is installed, you will see the red PIA robot icon in the top right.

2. Left-click the PIA icon to bring up the username and password sign in overlay.

3. Enter your username and password of your Private Internet Access account (which will look like p1234567 which you will have received when you signed up), and enable the "Remember Me" checkbox if you want it to remember your login.

4. Once you have signed in, you will be able to select your server region to an area of your choosing:

5. When you have selected the region you would like to connect from, you can choose additional settings in Extension Settings option:

6. This will give you the ability set addition settings including:

  • Blocking WebRTC Traffic - WebRTC can sometimes be used to track your location, expose your IP address and reveal hardware information, and as such should be disabled.
  • Blocking Flash - Flash can expose your IP address due to how it works behind the scenes, and as such should be disabled.
  • Blocking camera, microphone and location access helps prevent websites from gaining information about you.
  • Enabling MACE - MACE is Private Internet Access' proprietary ad-blocking service which works at a domain name level, and prevents malicious and ad services which compromise and slow your browsing experience.
  • Bypass List - The websites (domains) in this list will bypass the VPN and MACE. This may let you view content from geo-restricted providers such as Netflix, Hulu, etc.

7. When your extension is configured to your satisfaction, click the Connect Button to enable your Private Internet Access service.

To confirm you're protected, you can visit the PIA website and ensure the top bar says "You are protected by PIA"

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