Firefox Proxy

We do not currently offer a Private Internet Access extension for FireFox, however, Foxy Proxy can be setup to use our SOCKS5 proxy server.

To do so first generate an x account by logging into our client portal. Once signed in scroll down and click on Generate Username and password.


You will need to enter these credentials into Foxy Proxy so keep this open for reference later. Then click the  icon and then click on Add-ons as shown below.



In the top right search for the add-on Foxy Proxy and press enter. Install the Basic Foxy Proxy then restart Firefox by closing and opening it back up.

Click the  icon at the top right and select Add-ons. On the left-hand tab select  . Click on options for the Foxy Proxy and the options menu will appear. Click Add New Proxy and in the Server field enter and 1080 for the port. Check the Socks proxy box as well as the Socks5 box then enter your x account credentials for the username and password entering the password twice.

It is a best practice to paste your username and password. When finished click OK.


 Lastly change the mode to Use the proxy for all websites visited with Firefox then click close.


To verify that the proxy is working look for the fox icon in the upper right-hand corner if it is red the proxy is either disconnected or turned off. You can also go to our webpage and at the top of the page it will state you are protected if the proxy is working properly.

Feel free to contact us at for additional assistance.

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