How to Split Tunnel on Windows

We do not currently offer Split Tunneling as an option within our app or offer support on Split Tunneling, however your operating system can be configured to allow applications to bypass your Private Internet Access service. This can be useful when dealing with certain services which geoblock content (such as Netflix).

How to Split Tunnel on Windows:

Windows 10 only split tunnels VPN protocols that it has built-in support for and as such you will need to have preconfigured your L2TP connection.


In your Windows search bar, type Powershell and right click it to Run as administrator


Type Get-VPNConnection and press Enter to bring up a list of all your available VPN connections. Make a note of the Name of the VPN you want to split tunnel.


Type the following command and hit Enter, replacing "PIA" with the name you preconfigured your L2TP connection with.

Set-VPNConnection -Name “PIA” -SplitTunneling $True


You can check that split tunneling is enabled by entering the Get-VPNConnection command.

The split tunneling field will now be set to True if successful.


Next, enter this command and make a note of the Description field:

ipconfig /all

If necessary, add the route. Replace 'DESTINATION SUBNET' with the subnet you want to route through the VPN, and 'INTERFACE' with the name of the Description field we mentioned in the last step:

netsh interface ipv4 add route 'DESTINATION SUBNET' "INTERFACE NAME"

If you want to disable split tunneling, enter this command:

Set-VPNConnection -Name "PIA" -SplitTunneling $False


Split tunneling with your own OpenVPN server on Windows

If you’ve created your own OpenVPN server similar to the one in our tutorial that uses Amazon EC2, you can enable split tunneling on Windows by editing your config files.

Remove redirect-gateway def1 in your OpenVPN server config file (probably called server.conf). In the client config (client.ovpn or client.conf), add the following line:

route vpn_gateway

This routes the subnet through the VPN connection and everything else out of the non-VPN connection.


Please Note: We do not currently offer Split Tunneling as a feature and as such do not offer support. The guide is purely for information and is carried out at your own risk.

PIA sends all your traffic over a secure encrypted tunnel. The traffic for those apps will not be encrypted or protected by the VPN as it also provides a direct link from the outside network to your machine.

Because of the complexity of the setup and the possibility of leaking data outside the VPN connection (which can introduce security risks), we do not support split tunneling at this time.

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