Installing the PIA App on iOS

You can download the PIA app right from the Apple app store here:

Alternatively, you can find the app by searching for "Private Internet Access" in the App Store. These instructions guide you through installing and connecting with the PIA app on your device:

1. Open the App Store on your iPhone or iPad.
2. Click on the Search button on the bottom of the app store.
3. Search for Private Internet Access.
4. Click on the “Get” button next to the Private Internet Access app.
5. Once the PIA app is installed, you should be able to open up the app.
6. Type in the username and password sent to you via email into the two textboxes.
7. Click Log in.
8. Click Allow on the box that pops up, and allow it to install the VPN profiles onto your phone.
9. Slide the “Off” button to say “On” in order to connect to the VPN.

After this, you should be successfully connected to PIA on your phone or tablet!

If you wish to change servers at any time, you can slide the button to OFF, then choose a new server by tapping server selection and choosing one from the list. Slide the button to ON again and you will be connected to that server.

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