How can I set up the VPN on my Windows Phone?

Warning: L2TP+PSK is not reliably secure anymore. Because of this, we recommend using our application or a manual OpenVPN setup on a router where possible. For more information, please see this post on our forums.

A recent update to the Windows Phone 8.1 (Update 1 GDR1) has added support for L2TP with IPSec. You will need to ensure that your phone has been updated to at least that version of Windows Phone to have this VPN functionality

To begin, this VPN setup requires a different login than the one provided for your account/app software access. If you do not already have a special L2TP/PPTP/SOCKS5 username/password, please follow these steps to obtain one before proceeding:

To setup our VPN on a Windows 8.1 Phone, please follow these steps:

  1. In the App List, Tap Settings, then VPN
  2. Set Status to On, then tap Add
  3. In the server name, enter the region you want to connect to from this list:
  4. In the "Type" menu, set L2TP with IPSec
  5. From the "Connect Using" box, choose "Username+Password+preshared key"
  6. Enter the Username starting with X into the Username field
  7. Enter the Generated password into the password field
  8. Enter "mysafety" without the quotes into the Preshared Key field.
  9. Tap Save to save the settings.

To connect to the VPN, tap on the profile name.

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