Can I configure the VPN connection to always use the same IP address?

If you want to always connect to the same IP, then you will need to use a different set-up; the recommended alternative is OpenVPN.

Here are the instructions for Windows.

Once you have this installed, you can change the IP you are connecting to by right clicking the icon for OpenVPN, going to the server you want to connect to, and clicking Edit config instead of Connect. This will open the config file for the server. Replace the server name in the config file with one of the IP addresses for the server. To obtain an IP address from our servers, please open Command Prompt or a Terminal Window and type:

nslookup <hostname>

Where <hostname> is the hostname of server you want IPs for. A list of our servers can be found here.

Here is an example:


When that is typed, hit enter. You can choose any IP under the "Non-authoritative answer:" section for the hostname you put in. In your OpenVPN config file, replace <hostname> with the IP address you looked up.

Once this is done, save the changes to the config file, and now every time you connect to that server, it will connect to only the IP address you have specified.

Here are the instructions for MacOS using Tunnelblick.

Once you have this installed, you can change the IP by doing the following (enter Mac passwords where needed):

  1. Choose VPN Details from the Tunnelblick menu.
  2. Remove the config file for the connection location you wish to edit by choosing it from the Configurations list, then click the "-" sign below that box.
  3. Find your Downloads folder and look for the openvpn folder containing the original .ovpn files you imported when installing OpenVPN.
  4. Control click the .ovpn file you wish to edit.
  5. Choose Open With, and look for a text editing program such as TextEdit.
  6. Substitute the server name (e.g. us-east.private.....etc.) with an IP address for the server (using the nslookup method mentioned above).
  7. Close the file to save.
  8. Double click the file to import it into OpenVPN.

At this time we don't have explicit instructions for Linux, due to the various ways you can connect on this platform. However, you would find the .ovpn or NetworkManager configuration file to update and replace the hostname in that configuration file with an IP address you can lookup using the dig <hostname> command.

If you have any troubles with these steps, please feel free to reach out with an email to so we can help!

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