Why am I receiving an error telling me to use my main username in the new Android release?

We have recently released a new version of our Android application, that includes a number of security and overall enhancements, to keep your browsing safe online.

You may receive the following error when trying to login to our application: "Please make sure you are logging in with your main username which should start with "p" ( e.g p12345)"

To bring our Android application in-line with our other OpenVPN solutions, we have altered it's login requirements. You will now need to login to the Android application using your primary username and password, which were supplied to you in your activation email, when you first signed up with our service. You can identify the correct set by noting the first letter of the username; the set you will need to use to access the Android application (and all other OpenVPN solutions we offer) will begin with a p, followed by a series of 7 numbers (ex. p1234567).

If you're unsure what your primary login information may be, our support team will be more than happy to assist you in recovering it. Please visit the following link to submit a ticket to our support team, to request your login information to be resent to you: https://support.privateinternetaccess.com

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