Installing OpenVPN + PIA on MacOS

We support two OpenVPN-based setups for MacOS. These are called Tunnelblick and Viscosity. Both programs work well, with some minor differences. These can sometimes work when the PIA client VPN does not.


Tunnelblick is a free program developed by Google. Because it is free, it is not updated as frequently as a paid program and there may be some days waiting for compatibility with new releases of MacOS. Tunnelblick currently supports MacOS 10.4 and up.

We have a guide for installing and configuring Tunnelblick on our website:


Viscosity is developed by a company called Spark Labs. It has a 30-day free trial, before a one-time license must be purchased. As Viscosity is a paid program, it is updated quickly and is always ready to go with the latest releases of MacOS. Viscosity currently supports MacOS 10.5 and up.

We have a guide for installing and configuring Viscosity on our website:


Once you've chosen which program you want to use, the linked setup guides will go through installing and configuring it to work with our network.

On some restrictive networks, the default OpenVPN config does not connect successfully. If that happens, here are some alternate configuration files to try:

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