Antivirus File Exclusions for the PIA App

These are the following files that must be added to your security program's whitelist under Windows:

  • C:/Program Files/pia_manager/openVPN.exe
  • C:/Program Files/pia_manager/pia_manager.exe
  • C:/Program Files/pia_manager/tapinstall.exe
  • C:/Program Files/pia_manager/installer_win.exe
  • C:/Program Files/pia_manager/pia-openvpn.dll
  • C:/Windows/system32/DRIVERS/tap0901.sys
  • C:/Program files/pia_manager/nwjs/pia_nw.exe

If you're running MacOS, or Linux this is the folder you will need to whitelist:

  • ~/.pia_manager

Adding these exceptions will exclude our VPN software from your antivirus. This can solve problems where your antivirus may be blocking or impeding your VPN connection.

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