Why is my antivirus detecting an unsafe program after installing your app?

What your antivirus program is detecting is called rubyw.exe. This is the process that executes all the ruby scripting in our application, that allows it to run. However, we designed it to install to a randomized temporary directory on each launch, along with a randomized filename, to ensure no one can locate it, and thus crack it (while it's running, it contains your login information and binds your local IP, which would be a major security risk if it became visible externally; thus why we randomize it's name and location, so it can't be found by scripts/etc).

However, this randomization causes security software to be unable to recognize it. Most security software operates off of a predefined list of allowed apps, called a definition file. If it sees anything that's not on that list (even custom apps like ours), it will state that it's untrusted, and immediately assumes it's not safe (since it doesn't know what it is). This is extremely common, and is why the app developers allow you a way to add your own exceptions for apps on your computer, to allow them to function when you know they're safe.

To do this for our app, you need to add the following files/programs to it's whitelist or allowed app list, which should keep it from interfering with the operation of our application in the future:

  • C:/Program Files/pia_manager/openVPN.exe
  • C:/Program Files/pia_manager/pia_manager.exe
  • C:/Program Files/pia_manager/tapinstall.exe
  • C:/Program Files/pia_manager/installer_win.exe
  • C:/Windows/system32/DRIVERS/tap0901.sys

If you're using version 58 or lower please also exclude the following:

  • C:\Program Files\pia_manager\pia_tray\pia_tray.exe

If you're using version 59 or higher please also exclude the following:

  • C:\Program files\pia_manager\pia_tray_bin\nw-win\pia_nw.exe
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