Why can't I send email when on the VPN?


Any VPN provider that does not retain logs must block outgoing SMTP traffic due to rampant spam associated with usage of VPN services. This is necessary for the security and privacy of our customers, and we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

With that said, we can whitelist (allow) any outgoing email server that a) require authentication, and b) is correctly setup so as not to be an open relay.

Simply submit a ticket to our Technical Support team with screenshots showing all of the following settings you currently have entered to use in your email program:

  • - the email address(es) being blocked
  • - the SMTP/outgoing email server name for the above address(es) (e.g. smtp.mail.com, mail.example.net)
  • - the Port number used to connect to the mail server (e.g. 587, 465, 25...)
  • - the SSL setting (enabled/disabled - may appear as TLS/SSL)

Please note that whitelisting would not be possible if you are using Office 365/Microsoft Exchange servers for the purposes of sending email. If such is the case, we apologize, but your only recourse would be to disable the VPN for sending mail, or else use web-based email.

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