Can I use the Private Internet Access service with my router?

Absolutely! If you wish, the VPN tunnel can be setup on most routing devices - the important thing you would need to have is the ability to install custom router ROM/firmware on that device.

DD-WRT and Tomato are different open-source router firmwares that can connect to our VPN, and pFsense can be used on gateway devices for the same. DD-WRT and Tomato support L2TP, and they all support OpenVPN (recommended). As long as you have a compatible router all of your devices on the network can use the VPN tunnel once the router has been updated with the custom ROM/firmware.

Here is a list of hardware compatible with each of the firmware types.

Please Note: None of these firmware options are created/offered by Private Internet Access, nor do we have a license to support them. Please remember that we are not responsible for any issues that may arise when flashing a different ROM to your router. Please proceed with caution. Using any of these firmware options would be at your own discretion and liability, however remain open as a possibility should you wish to try one of them.

Here are some guides hosted on our website to help configure these routers for use with our service:

If you do encounter any issues setting up a VPN on one of the above routers, we're always available to help with an email to . Simply let us know which router you're using and the issue you're experiencing, and we'll help work out what's going on!

It may also be possible to configure the VPN use on with other firmware, provided it has VPN configuration options, but we would not have a ready guide for its use. However, if you are doing so, then this article may be useful to you:

You could try to find help with such a setup from a member of our community on the PIA forums:

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