How can I improve connection speed for a router-based VPN?

Generally connections on routers will be slower than our Application running on a computer. This is because, in general, routers lack the hardware necessary to process the complex math associated with encryption in real-time, and causes the connection to lag and slow down, in order to handle it.

That said, here are a few adjustments you can make to try and improve your connection speed.

Please try using the following ports and protocols for your OpenVPN client:

UDP 1198
TCP 502

Please ensure the Certificate Authority field contains the ca.rsa.2048.crt certificate file from here

Try using an IP instead of a hostname in the Server Address field, to avoid any DNS resolution issues. To obtain an IP address from our servers, please open Command Prompt or a Terminal Window and type:

     nslookup <hostname>

With <hostname> replaced with the hostname of the server you want IPs for (e.g. A list of our servers can be found here.

After you've typed that, hit enter to run the command. You should get a selection of IP addresses for the hostname you put in.

You can also try tweaking the MTU setting; typically, if you lower it slightly, it makes it easier for the router to handle it, and in fact increases your speeds. Try reducing your MTU to around 1400 or so (pretty much any level between 1350 -1450), and hopefully it will help.

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