Can I configure the VPN on my smart TV, console or network device?

These devices do not directly support VPN services. In order to use the VPN with these devices, you would have to set the VPN up in the router the device is connected to. Nearly any router should work with our service; it really depends on the firmware on it, and whether it allows all the configuration settings necessary to setup the service. 

In all likelihood, you will need to install ("flash") such custom router firmware onto your router. Here is a list of routers compatible with each of the currently supported firmware types (which you can use to identify different routers you might use with our service):

Please note that none of these firmware options are created/offered by Private Internet Access, nor do we have a license to support them. Using any of these would be at your own discretion and liability, however remain open as a possibility should you wish to try one of them. The directions for router based VPN setups for these firmware can be found on here.

As mentioned earlier, however, just about any router may work. There are numerous open source router firmware types available, which you could possibly try using, if none of the existing setup options available on our support site work for a particular router. You may be able to get one of them to work, depending on the make and model of your router. The setup guides can be found on our site here.

Also, if your current router is not compatible with the above firmware, another option is to purchase a router that is preconfigured to use our service. There is a company that pre-configures their routers to use our service, if you don't already have one. More info about these routers can be found here:

Please note these routers are not ours, nor is the firmware (they merely set them up with our settings before shipping them out). Private Internet Access does not directly endorse this product, and use of it is at your own discretion and liability. Also, please note that no service is included with the router's purchase; the cost is only for the router itself, which is not directly purchased through us; it's created, setup, and made available via a company called FlashRouters (they setup common VPN settings on their routers for different companies, then ship them out to customers).

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