How do I create a debug log for the PIA app? (desktop/laptop)

Sometimes when troubleshooting, our technical support specialists may require debug information from our app. This information contains basic information about your network setup and the issues encountered by the PIA application so that we can help you solve whatever issues you encounter.

To collect a debug log, generally you will perform whichever action is giving you trouble (i.e. try to connect to the VPN), and then follow these steps to send debug information to us:

  1. Right click on the icon in the menu bar or system tray and choose "Disconnect." 
  2. Right click on the icon again and choose "Settings." 
  3. Press CTRL+L on your keyboard.
  4. You'll see a window pop up asking to send a debug log, click "Ok"
  5. Another window will pop up with a 3 or 5 digit ID, write this ID down and click "Ok"
  6. Reference the 3 or 5 digit debug log ID in a support ticket for analysis.

Once you have submitted your ticket, one of our support specialists will get back to you as soon as possible.

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