How do I repair disk permissions on MacOS?

When the MacOS disk permissions become corrupted, it can cause issues with software such as the PIA application. To repair disk permissions, follow these instructions:

  1. Exit the client (if needed) and go into your Applications folder, and drag Private Internet to the Trashbin. Empty the Trashbin after doing this.
  2. Open Terminal
  3. **NOTE** Please make sure this step is completed very carefully. All symbols and spacing are VERY important. Incorrect usage of this command can lead to data loss (it is best to simply copy and paste the command below). Type the following into Terminal:
    rm -rf /.pia_manager/
  4. Press enter. If the command is successful, there will be no confirmation; it will simply go to a new line in the Terminal window.

Please make sure to complete step 3 very carefully.

After the above instructions are complete, continue with these:

  1. Go to Applications/Utilities
  2. Open Disk Utility
  3. Click Macintosh HD
  4. Click on Verify Disk Permissions (for MacOS 10.11, Click on First Aid at the top)
  5. Click Repair Disk Permissions (for MacOS 10.11, Click Run)
  6. When the check completes, power off your computer, wait five minutes, and turn the computer back on.

After this, please download a fresh copy from our website, and give the install another try.

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