How do I disable debug logging in your MacOS application?

Our system logs a large amount of data to disk, which can be of concern for SSD and other flash-based memory devices. We do offer a way to disable this logging, via the creation of a file in ~/.pia_manager/. For this, you just need to create a blank file, with no extension, named "nolog" in that folder, and this will disable all logging features of our application. You can remove that blank file anytime to re-enable logging, in the event you should ever need to do so (for example, if you needed to derive a debug log for troubleshooting purposes).

To create the file, open Terminal (this can be done though Spotlight, or through the Applications -> Utilities menu). After Terminal is opened, you must run this command exactly as it is written:

touch ~/.pia_manager/nolog

After typing that command, hit enter.

This command disables future logging with our MacOS application.

To remove existing logs already created, you MUST run the following command EXACTLY. DO NOT ADD ANY EXTRA SPACES. This command must be typed exactly as it is typed here. Any failure to type it correctly can VERY EASILY RESULT IN DATA LOSS. It may even be best to copy and paste the following line into Terminal (using right click, as regular ctrl+v does not work in the terminal).

rm -rf ~/.pia_manager/log

Once this is done, all logging will be disabled in the app and all existing logs will be removed.

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