How can I uninstall/reinstall your application on MacOS?

To uninstall or reinstall our VPN application, all files associated with it, on your Mac computer, please follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Move "Private Internet Access" from the Applications folder into the Trash, then empty the trash.
  2. Open Terminal from your Applications -> Utilities menu.

After you have opened Terminal, you must type the following command into it and press enter. DO NOT ADD ANY EXTRA SPACES. This command must be typed exactly as it is typed here. Any failure to type it correctly can VERY EASILY RESULT IN DATA LOSS. It may even be best to copy and paste the following line into Terminal (using right click, as regular ctrl+v does not work in the terminal).

rm -rf ~/.pia_manager/

**Note: Please make sure to complete this step very carefully, as entering it incorrectly can result in irreversible loss of data on your computer**

Once you have it completely removed the PIA application and settings via the process above, power down your computer, wait 60 seconds, and power it back up, and all traces of the application should now be removed from the system.

Following this, if you'd like to reinstall the application again, go to this page and download a fresh copy of the Mac application. Once downloaded, double-click on the installer, and in the window that comes up, CTRL + left click the installation icon under the arrow on the left-hand side, and choose Open. A small popup box may appear; if so, click Open in it as well, and it should proceed to complete the installation process.

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