How do I change my current subscription to a yearly payment term?

Depending on the payment method you've used to purchase service, and which subscription plan you're currently subscribed to, you may have an option to upgrade it to a yearly subscription term.

If you've paid via Credit Card, Paypal, or Amazon, you can change to a yearly subscription term by first logging into the Client Control Panel on our site, located here.

Once logged in, you should see an "Upgrade Subscription" option:

For Credit Card and Amazon purchases, clicking on Upgrade will initiate a payment for the full year's term, minus a pro-rated refund based on the unused portion of the previously paid month.

For Paypal, the price for the full year's term will be billed, and the unused portion of the month will be refunded in a separate transaction within 3-5 days of the upgrade. This will also set your account to re-bill one year from the upgrade date, at your new yearly subscription rate.

For all other payment types, if you'd like to change to a yearly subscription, please follow the procedure below.

  1. Cancel your existing service (you'll still be able to use it until the end of the period you've paid up until; this will just cancel any recurrent billing associated with it). Below are the methods to cancel the recurrent billing, depending on which method you used to pay for the service:
    • For Google and OKPay, you will need to login to your payment account with those services, and cancel the recurrent subscription there.
    • All others can simply skip payment and your account will expire automatically.
  2. Wait until the end of your currently paid period (so you get the most time for your money), and once your existing logins expire, then visit our signup page to subscribe to the yearly package.
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