Why am I getting a "919 error" when installing the Android app?

Issues installing on Android can be caused by corrupt data being stuck in your download cache. The best solution for this is to clear your cache and download data.  To do this, please use the following instructions:

** Please note that there may be slight differences in the exact location and name of some of these options, depending on the version of Android you are using. These instructions were written using Android 4.4.2 **

  1. Open Settings
  2. At the top of the screen, tap the tab labelled More
  3. Tap Application Manager, locate Google play, and tap on it
  4. Tap the option that says Clear Cache
  5. Press the Home button on your phone
  6. Open your Downloads manager
  7. Select clear data or clear list
  8. Now try the install again. If your problem isn't solved using the steps above, try using a different internet connection than you've used previously. For instance, if you have been trying to download over Wifi, use your cellular data, or vice-versa.
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