OpenVPN setup in Fedora

To setup OpenVPN and connect it to the PIA network in Fedora Linux, you can use the following instructions. Each of these steps should be completed in order.

1. Click the "Activities" menu on the top left corner of the screen


2. Search for "terminal" in the middle search box


3. Launch the Terminal application


  4. Enter the following command:


5. Once the download is complete, enter this command: 

sudo bash



6. This step may prompt you for your password. Simply enter the password you use to log into your computer and then press the Enter key. No stars or any character will appear: this normal and just a security feature of the Terminal.


7. The installer will ask you for your username as well as your connection method. Simply enter your username as indicated. The next two questions are optional and you can just press enter to skip them if you wish.



8. You are all set! You can now connect to PIA by clicking on the menu on the top right corner of your screen and then clicking on the VPN section. To connect to a PIA server, simply toggle the button on. That's it!

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