When I connect to PIA, why do websites show me coming from a different location than you say your servers are?

When figuring out where a given internet address (IP address) is located, websites use something called a geo-location database. Essentially, this is a list containing IP adresses and where they're located.

Since there are no new IP addresses available, in order to add bandwidth to our gateways we have to either add "used" IP addresses or move one of our existing addresses between locations.

When you're seeing this issue, it's because those Geo-IP databases haven't been updated with the latest information. The IP address is in the area we list it, but the website you're talking to doesn't have a new enough database to know about the change. Because multiple independent organizations control and update different databases, the location info can be valid in some, but not all places online.

The primary workaround for this is to try restarting your machine, or to connect to a nearby region. This should give a new IP address which is not affected in this way. If you provide us with the relevant IP address in an email to helpdesk@privateinternetaccess.com we can also pass this information along to our team. We're very sorry for the inconvenience.

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