Why do I keep getting Captcha requests?

You may find that when you're using the PIA service, a lot of sites request a captcha or authenticate to confirm you're not a bot.

This is a security feature that some websites enforce for VPN customers to prevent their services being overwhelmed or abused by automated bots. This is completely normal behaviour and will occur on all VPN providers.

It is possible for you to whitelist individual IPs when they're blacklisted by Cloudflare. While connected to the VPN with the affected IP address, go to Project Honeypot.

  • On the form that appears, under Your Email, enter 9@9.com, or any fake email address of your choosing
  • Under Whitelist Reason, choose Owner of a Dynamic IP address
  • Notes can be left blank
  • Enter the Captcha as shown into the box provided, then click Whitelist

A message should appear indicating the whitelisting has been completed for the IP used for your connection.

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