How Will PIA Cope With Upcoming Legislation Changes?

We will continue to provide the best service to ensure privacy and security.

As more governments enact legislation changes that potentially affect VPN users and subscribers, it may concern some users who value security and privacy.

A number of other countries have also enacted changes to record the internet habits and traffic of their citizens at the ISP level. The United States (Rule 41) and the United Kingdom (Investigatory Powers Bill) have pending legislation which some believe could force VPN providers to log their customers usage, connections and IP for security purposes.


Current State of Affairs


United Kingdom

Private Internet Access has been following the progression of the Investigatory Powers Bill with a keen eye over the last year. We have planned out several possible solutions to maintain our users’ security and privacy no matter what ends up happening. Exactly how the IP Act will be enforced remains to be seen.

Compensating for an Internet Service Provider (ISP) that logs your activity is one of the primary uses of a VPN privacy service. All VPN traffic is encrypted so your ISP’s logs are useless. Therefore whether UK ISPs start logging due to this law or have been logging the entire time, Private Internet Access has protected your privacy throughout.

We will be working with the top tech lawyers and our datacenter partners in the UK to stay on top of the IP Bill as it starts being enforced. If things change for the worse, we are prepared to leave the UK as we did for Russia when similar draconian laws were passed and enforced.


United States of America

The recent change to Rule 41 of the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure would allow a federal magistrate judge to issue a search and seizure warrant for electronic media if the location of the information is concealed through technological means or if it is a hacking case that involves computers in at least five judicial districts.

The Rule 41 change does not affect the burden of proof requirement to establish probable cause to secure a search warrant under the Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

Even if a warrant was issued to PIA about searching and seizing electronic media, because we do not log internet activity, there is no way to trace the activity to a specific user.

Because this rule change allows the government to hack individuals outside of the United States, it is ever important that our subscribers remain vigilant and maintain best practices for protecting their privacy. That means not letting yourself be socially engineered and protecting your network against potentially malicious traffic. While a VPN can help protect your privacy, it is only one of several tools that when used together protects the privacy of you and your family.

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