How can I uninstall/reinstall your application on Linux?

In an effort to resolve the issues you're reporting, please try reinstalling the application. To uninstall our application you can simply run the following terminal command:

*NOTE: Please make sure this step is completed very carefully. All symbols, and spacing are VERY important. Incorrect usage of this command can lead to DATA LOSS. (It is best to simply copy and paste the command below)

rm -rf ~/.pia_manager/

If the command is successful, there will be no confirmation, it will simply go to a new line in the Terminal window.

This next command removes the start or application menu icon (useful if you're just uninstalling the PIA app and not reinstalling it):

rm ~/.local/share/applications/pia_manager.desktop

Once you have done that, you can install the app on this page

Then, from the terminal in the directory you downloaded to:

1) Extract file:

tar -xzf pia-v77-installer-linux.tar.gz

2) Tell OS to proceed:

chmod +x

3) Run installer:

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