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Alternative TAP Adapter Reinstallation

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For an alternative method to reinstall the TAP Adapter, the below instructions will guide you through this processing using pnputil. 

  1. Ensure debug logging is enabled in Settings > Help

  2. Open PowerShell as Administrator (not CMD, these steps are specific to PowerShell)

  • Locate the PIA TAP driver package by running: 

pnputil /enum-drivers | Select-String “Private Internet Access” -Context 2

  • The first line should say:

“Published Name: oem##.inf”, note the exact filename in “oem##.inf”

  • Remove the PIA driver package - substitute the filename above for:

“oem##.inf” - pnputil /delete-driver oem##.inf /uninstall

  • If either of those commands produced errors, copy the output and send them to us.

  1. Restart the computer

  2. Attempt to reinstall the TAP adapter in PIA 

If PIA is still unable to install the TAP adapter, submit your debug report from Settings > Help, and once its been fully submitted, create a ticket that contains the 5-character code that is provided. As well, include an updated in the ticket you create .