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BGP, RPKI and Private Internet Access

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As with any VPN provider, we take the concerns of our users very seriously. At Private Internet Access, we also support the freedom of access and usage of the internet. Just as you trust us, users, ISPs, and providers throughout the world have trusted the usage of BGP to handle the routing of traffic. Since the inception of the internet, the utilization of BGP has been integral and a foundation of its functionality. 


Recent events (such as the Rostelecom incident with Cloudflare, which led to the creation of the site by Cloudflare, to ensure that providers implement RPKI in an effort to combat such incidences), have brought to light a perceived vulnerability in the inherent functionality of the internet. Just as the current system is imperfect, such imperfections exist in a system where a single governing body dictates the functionality of the foundation of the internet. While RPKI may become the standard, like many attempts to make significant changes to infrastructure or protocols across the world (such as IPv6 - which is still not widely utilized), implementation is many years off for all providers. 


Should RPKI become the standard, and the trust in BGP, overall, erode, Private Internet Access will make all efforts to ensure that all providers take measures to secure things on their end. At present, should the recent reports of the lack of security be acknowledged, the largest ISP and data providers in the world would be deemed insecure. Our role and our stance on your privacy have always been consistent: we will always be the trustworthy, no-logging VPN provider who does everything within our abilities to ensure that you and your data are safe and secure.