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Bulk Subscriptions

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Bulk Subscriptions 

Purchasing a Bulk Subscription 

For users that wish to purchase multiple accounts (ie. 3 or more) we offer users the option to purchase a large number of accounts in one transaction. This option can be found on our website by hovering over the Features tab and then clicking on Corporate VPN.


Once on the Corporate VPN page, scroll down to the section “Need More Than 10 Devices Covered?” and click on “Get PIA for more than 10 devices”. This will bring users to the Bulk Subscription purchase page. 


Within the Bulk Subscription purchase page, users are able to choose a plan for their accounts; either Yearly for $39.95, Six Months for $35.95 or Monthly for $9.95. After choosing a plan users can then indicate the number of accounts that they would like to purchase, as stated above this can be 3 or more accounts. 


Upon completion, you will receive a receipt for your order and along with the credentials to access the client control panel and manage the licenses for the number of accounts that you have purchased. 


You can now login to the Client Control Panel and see the keys which you can redeem for each account. 

When ready, the bulk account owner can provide a specific Key to the individual that needs an account or the bulk account owner can activate the key for the individual that needs an account. 

Client Control Panel View 

For Bulk accounts the CCP looks a bit different than our standard CCP, the reason for this is that this CCP is used as a control center for all accounts, Subscriptions, and other features. 

Within the CCP Users will be able to see and manage all purchased Licenses which will include their Statues, Username, and Email associated with. 

Additionally, users will be able to view Previous payments, Update payment method,  Enable Two-factor Authentication, Change Password(for the Main bulk account), Change Email address(for the Main bulk account), and Cancel Auto-renewal. 

Redeeming Keys 

In order to redeem your keys and provide access to multiple accounts, you will  

  • After clicking redeem, you will see the subscription length and a box to enter the desired email address to send the subscription credentials too. select Redeem Gift Card 

  • Following the redemption of each code and the acceptance of each email address, you will be sent to our Downloads page to start the download process and will receive our standard activation email with the credentials for that licenses. 

If you experience any issues with your bulk subscription or have questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support department via ticket or chat and we will be happy to assist you further.