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Can I change my payment method? - Knowledgebase / Billing / Payments - PIA Support Portal

Can I change my payment method?

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Yes! We have introduced the ability to change your payment method within your Client Control Panel. This new feature will only allow users to switch your payment method to one of the following: Stripe (Credit Card) or PayPal.

** IMPORTANT: The auto-renewal on your account must be turned on in the Client Control Panel in order to change your payment method.**

If you would like to change your payment method, please follow the below instructions: 

  1. Log into your Client Control Panel located here on the “My Account” page. 

  2. Select “Update payment details” located under your Account information 

  1. From here you will be able to select a new payment method: Credit Card or PayPal and fill in the necessary Billing information. 


  1. Once Completed Select Update Payment Method.  The System will then update your Subscription Payment method and will then provide you with a pop-up Confirmation Message. 

Additionally, a warning message will appear informing you that your payment method has been updated. For potential fraud prevention, the ability to update payment information will be suspended for several days.    


If you experience any issues with updating your Subscription payment method please contact our support team here.