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CCP OpenVPN Configuration Generator

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You can generate OpenVPN files straight from the Client Control Panel. When signed in, navigate to the Downloads tab, and scroll to the bottom. 

At the bottom, you will see two sections, OpenVPN Configuration Generator and OpenVPN Configurations. When clicking on the OpenVPN Configurations, it will open another section, offering all server locations and encryption levels based on user preference (default, block-outside-dns, strong, IP, TCP, TCP strong). Any options not stating TCP will use UDP. To learn more about these different configurations, please view the following article - Where can I find your OVPN files?

When clicking the link, “Go to OpenVPN Generator”, you will be brought to a new page to begin the configuration process. Rather than downloading all available servers at once, the generator will allow you to select a specific location and encryption level. Users are not limited to the number of configurations they can generate. 

On this page, you can select the version of OpenVPN you wish the files to reflect, 2.4 or newer and 2.3 or older. Next, the following platforms can be selected: Windows, Mac OS, Linux, iOS, and Android. 

The next step is to select the region. 

After selecting the region, the port and level of encryption are the next step. Users can also choose the Use IP option at the bottom left if they wish or need to enter an IP into their configuration rather than a server name.


Once all options are selected, clicking the Generate button will download a file containing the previous options selected. The file can be opened in the browser to view the contents or can be found in the downloads section of your computer or to any other destination specified for browser downloads.

Once opened, you should then see a list of all the servers you have downloaded. These sever configuration files can then be added to the desired application. 

Upon opening a file, if you selected the option to “Use IP”, the server's name will be replaced with an IP address from that server. 

*Note: We do not guarantee that the configuration files we offer will work for your desired application and we would be unable to assist in troubleshooting should you run into issues.