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How to set up Smart DNS

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Smart DNS can be found when signing into the Client Control Panel, below Dedicated IP. Smart DNS is meant to be used to access geo blocked content from other regions and added to different devices. Smart DNS is not used in the PIA app and does not change your IP address. Smart DNS provides better speeds as the connection is not encrypted.

Once clicked on, you will see the option to Add New Device. 

After clicking on the Add New Device button, you will then have a dropdown menu to choose the device you wish to use. Current options include Apple TV, Chromebook, Chromecast, PlayStation, Roku TV, Xbox, Smart TVs, and other devices. 

After selecting the desired device, the next step is to choose the location you would like to have the Smart DNS reflect. The current options are Germany, United Kingdom, United States, Netherlands, and Japan. 

After selecting the location, your Smart DNS IP address will be generated and ready to use on the desired device. 

By clicking “Go back” at the top of the menu, you will be returned to the beginning of the Smart DNS menu where you can add another device for a total of three. 

You can view the details of each device to obtain the Smart DNS IP address again if needed by clicking View Details or you can remove a device by pressing the “x” button in the upper right-hand corner. 

You will be warned when removing a device in the event you change your mind and wish to keep the current setup or if you accidentally click the “x.” 

You can find the list of supported devices PIA offers at this time here - Smart DNS Devices