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I am Experiencing issues with the iOS Automation feature

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If you are experiencing any issues on your iOS device concerning issue with accessing the internet or your application not being able to connect when the Network Management tool is enabled please follow the below steps in order to address these issues. 

Uninstall Application:

First, to address this issue you will need to uninstall the PIA App using the instructions here.

Reset iOS Network Settings

Once you have uninstalled the application you will need to reset your network settings, by following these steps:

Step 1:  Device Settings

Open the iOS device’s Settings and tap 'General'

Step 2: Reset

Within the General settings menu scroll down and tap ‘Transfer or Reset iPhone’

Step 3: Reset Network

Within the Transfer or Reset iPhone window select the ‘Reset’ and then ‘Reset Network Settings’

Step 4: Reboot Devices

Once the network settings have been reset you will then need to reboot your devices by holding down the Power button and the volume up button (located on the side or top of your devices) and the volume buttons or by going to Settings> General> Shut Down. 

Once the devices are off wait 60 seconds and then power your mobile devices back on. 

You are now ready to reinstall the PIA application back on to your devices. 

Reinstall Application

For instructions on how to install our client on your iOS please review this guide here.  

Once our application is re-installed on your devices please ensure that the following setting is configured on within your iOS device:

Application/ iOS Settings:

Step 1: Devices Settings

Open the iOS device’s Settings and tap General

Step 2: VPN

Within the General Settings menu, scroll to the bottom and select VPN & Device Management

Step 3: Accessing PIA

Within the VPN & Device Management settings menu locate and tap on VPN. Then, Private Internet Access, tap the blue ‘i’ icon next to the application name. 

Step 4: Connect on Demand

You will want to ensure that ‘Connect on Demand’ is selected.  

Note: You may need to connect to the VPN directly thought the application for this option to appear.

Once the above steps are completed the issue with losing the internet while connected to the VPN should not occur. If you are still continuing to experience internet loss or connection issues, please contact our support team here.