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Refer a Friend

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PIA offers the ability for existing users to refer a friend to join PIA. Users can access this feature when signed into the Client Control Panel (CCP)

Once signed into the CCP, located at the bottom of the Subscription Overview section, users will see the Refer a Friend option. 

After clicking the “Refer a Friend” button, a new page will open bringing users to the Refer a Friend dashboard. 

On the Refer a Friend dashboard, users will see a few things. The first thing will be the invite option where they can insert the invited user's name (optional), their email address, and a button to send the invite. 

Each user will also have a unique referral link that can be shared anonymously or through social media. 

Next to the referral link, users can also track the total invites sent, the total converted invites (rewarded), and the number of free days acquired. 

Once an invite has been accepted, if the newly invited customer retains their account for the first 30 days, both the one inviting and the invitee will receive the free 30 days.