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Smart DNS - Android TV Box

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Please remember to record your present server addresses and settings. In the event you need to reverse the changes being made back to the previous ones, you will need these as a restore point.  

To acquire your PIA Smart DNS IP address. 

  • Navigate to your Client Control Panel - Enter your PIA VPN credentials then click Sign In. 

  • Click on the Smart DNS tab on the left panel to get the Smart DNS Setup page. Select your device which you need to have the Smart DNS IP configured then press Select.

  • Select the country of the Smart DNS IP then press Select.

  • Your Smart DNS IP will be populated after a few seconds.

  • Keep this tab open in your browser. You'll need this information later for setup.

In addition, if the following guide does not match your device's platform, you will have to consult your hardware's support site or forum for appropriate procedure on configuring Smart DNS.

  1. Go to “Settings”.

  2. Choose “Wi-Fi”.

  3. Choose your Wi-Fi network.

  4. Choose “Advanced Options”.

  5. Choose “IP settings”.

  6. Choose “Static”.

  7. You have to get an IP address from the same IP range as your router. To do that just use your router’s IP and change the last group of digits. For example, if your router’s IP is you should set your Android TV Box to something like You can notice that the first three groups of digits remained the same and only the last one changed.
    Click on “Next”.

  8. For the “Gateway” field enter the IP address of your router.
    Click “Next”.

  9. Enter 24 for the “Enter Network Prefix Length” field.
    Click “Next”.

  10. In the “DNS 1” field enter the PIA Smart DNS address.
    Click “Next”.

  11. In the “DNS 2” field, you can enter the same PIA Smart DNS address or leave it empty.
    Press “Next”.

    Do you need assistance? For urgent support, contact PIA’s VPN Support Team here