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Smart DNS - Firestick

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Manually configuring PIA’s Smart DNS on an Amazon Fire TV Stick. 

Prior to making any changes on your Fire TV Stick, please remember to record your present server addresses and settings. In the event you need to reverse the changes being made back to the previous ones, you will need these as a restore point.  

Generating Smart DNS address.

Navigate to the PIA VPN DNS configuration page. Enter your PIA VPN credentials if asked, then click Sign In. 

  1.  Acquire your PIA Smart DNS IP address. 
  2.  Click "Add new device".
  3.  Select the device from the drop down menu and press "Select". 
  4.  Next, select the location where you want to set up a VPN connection. 
  5.  You will then receive your Smart DNS address.

Please use the generated DNS IP and follow the instructions below.

Once all the important information has been recorded, here are the instructions for changing your DNS settings on your Fire TV Stick: 

  1. Power on your Fire TV Stick. 

  2. Navigate to the Settings -> My Fire TV -> About. 

  3. The About section will display your connections information. Be sure to record these. 

  4. Next, navigate to Settings -> Network. 

  5. Select your wireless connection and then select Forget Network. 

  6. Next, rescan to locate your connection and select it. 

  7. At this point, you will be prompted to enter your Wi-Fi password but press Advanced in this instance. 

  8. This is where you will enter the information from the info stored in the About section previously recorded in step 3:

    • IP address 
    • Gateway 
    • Subnet Mask (If the last digit was 0, then input 24. If it’s 255, then input 32)
  9. Enter the PIA Smart DNS Primary DNS IP address generated from the CCP.

  10.  Your Fire TV Stick is now using PIA’s Smart DNS.