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Smart DNS - PS4

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Configuring PIA’s Smart DNS on PlayStation 4 

Changing the DNS settings on your PlayStation 4 may allow you to access channels and services that aren't available in your area. The steps below will take you through setting up PIA's Smart DNS on your PlayStation 4. 

1. Navigate to the PIA VPN DNS configuration page. Enter your PIA VPN credentials if asked, then click Sign In. 

2. Acquire your PIA Smart DNS IP address. 

3. Click "Add new device".

4. Select the device from the drop down menu and press "Select". 

5. Next, select the location where you want to set up a VPN connection. 

6. You will then receive your Smart DNS address.

Keep this tab open in your browser. You'll need this information later for setup. 

1. Configure your PlayStation 4’s DNS servers.

2. Open the Settings menu. 

3. Choose Network. 

4. Choose Set Up Internet Connection from the list. 

5. For “How do you want to connect to the network?”, choose Use Wi-Fi or Use a LAN Cable (depending on how your PlayStation 4 is linked to the internet). 

6. If asked, choose Yes to keep your current Wi-Fi settings.

7. For ”How do you want to set up the Internet connection?”, choose Custom.  

8. Enter the password for your current Wi-Fi connection after choosing your network. 

9. For “IP Address Settings”, choose Automatic.    

10. For “DHCP Host Name”, choose Do Not Specify. 

11. For “DNS Settings”, choose Manual.  

12. Choose Primary DNS. 

13. Enter the IP address of the PIA Smart DNS server you discovered previously. Choose Done. 

14. Secondary DNS should be left alone. Then choose Next. 

15. For “MTU Settings” choose Automatic.  

16. For “Proxy Server” choose Do Not Use. 

17. Choose Test Internet Connection to have your Internet settings updated. 

18. For the DNS changes to take effect, you must restart your PlayStation 4. 

You've finished the PIA Smart DNS setup. On your PlayStation 4, you now have access to PIA’s Smart DNS. 

Do you need assistance? For urgent support, contact PIA’s VPN Support Team.