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Smart DNS - Samsung Smart TVs

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How to set up PIA’s Smart DNS on a Samsung Smart TV. 

In the following article, we will walk you through the process of configuring PIA’s Smart DNS on your Samsung Smart TV. PIA’s Smart DNS can improve your online streaming experience, but it lacks the encryption features of a VPN. 

PIA’s Smart DNS is a DNS solution that helps you get the most out of your streaming. If your device doesn't have native VPN functionality, PIA’s Smart DNS is a fantastic streaming option. 

Note that PIA’s Smart DNS is not a VPN and does not provide the same level of privacy and security. PIA’s Smart DNS does not allow you to alter your location. 

If you have the following: 

  • an Android device or 

  • an iOS device and an AirPlay 2-compatible Samsung TV, 

You don’t need to use PIA’s Smart DNS as you are able to mirror streaming content to your Samsung TV. 

Note: This guide was created with a Samsung 5500 Series Smart TV in mind. On most Samsung Smart TVs, the procedures to change the DNS should be the same. 

Note: Samsung Smart TVs are region-locked to the country in which they were purchased. Some apps will remain region-restricted even if you use PIA’s Smart DNS. To solve this problem, you'll need to alter your Smart TV's region, which is outside the scope of this guide. 

1. Acquire your PIA Smart DNS IP address. 

  • Navigate to your Client Control Panel - Enter your PIA VPN credentials then click Sign In. 

  • Click on Smart DNS tab on the left panel to get the Smart DNS Setup page. Select your device which you need to have the Smart DNS IP configured then press Select.

  • Select the country of the Smart DNS IP then press Select.

  • Your Smart DNS IP will be populated after a few seconds.

  • Keep this tab open in your browser. You'll need this information later for setup.

    For detailed instructions, please review the following article:
    How to set up Smart DNS

2. Set up your Smart DNS IP address 

  • Press the MENU button on your remote while your Samsung Smart TV is turned on. 

  • Select Settings > General > Network > Network Status IP Settings.

  • Select DNS setting and change it from Obtain automatically to Enter manually.

  • Select DNS Server then enter the PIA Smart DNS IP addresses you acquired from your Client Control Panel.

  • Select Done once you are finished encoding. After that, choose OK.

3. Check to see whether your connection is working. 

  • Wait for the TV to recheck your internet connection. 

  • Your TV will tell you that there is no internet connection if you did not enter the DNS server address correctly. If this is the case, repeat Step 3. 

  • You should get the following message if you typed the DNS server IP correctly: “You are connected to the Internet.” 

  • Select Close.

Important: Your IP address may have changed if PIA’s Smart DNS suddenly stops functioning. Check that the Dynu client is still following updates to your IP address. 

4. Revert DNS settings 

  • Repeat Step 2 but choose Obtain automatically in the DNS settings to revert to your previous DNS settings.

Do you need assistance? For urgent support, contact PIA’s VPN Support Team here.