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Smart DNS - Xbox One

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Manually configuring PIA’s Smart DNS on an Xbox One.  

Changing the DNS settings on your Xbox One may allow you to access channels and services that aren't available in your area. The steps below will take you through setting up PIA's Smart DNS on your Xbox One. 

Generating Smart DNS address.

Navigate to the PIA VPN DNS configuration page. Enter your PIA VPN credentials if asked, then click Sign In. 

  1.  Acquire your PIA Smart DNS IP address. 
  2.  Click "Add new device".
  3.  Select the device from the drop down menu and press "Select". 
  4.  Next, select the location where you want to set up a VPN connection. 
  5.  You will then receive your Smart DNS address.

Follow these steps to change your Xbox One's DNS settings: 

  1. To get started, press the Xbox button to open the guide. 

  2. Then select Settings. 

  3. Followed by All Settings. 

  4. In All Settings, select Network. 

  5. Under Network, select Advanced settings. 

  6. Then select DNS settings. 

  7. Instead of Automatic, select Manual. 

  8. Enter the Primary DNS , then select Enter.

  9. Press B on the controller to back out of the menu and to save. 

  10. Check to see if your console is connected to the internet. 

Do you need assistance? For urgent support, contact PIA’s VPN Support Team.