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Where can I find receipts for previous payments? - Knowledgebase / Billing / Payments - PIA Support Portal

Where can I find receipts for previous payments?

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You can now access previous payment receipts from within the Client Control Panel(CCP) located on the My Account page. Log in to the client control panel using your account username (p1234567) and password. Upon logging into the CCP, you will see your current subscription information and a link to access your billing history. 


By clicking the See billing history link, you will be able to view information about past orders including payment dates, subscription information and amounts paid. To the right of each transaction, you'll see an orange button that will allow you to download receipts for each of these transactions. 


The example below includes the type of information that will be included in the downloaded document. 


This receipt can be kept for your records should you find yourself in need of employer reimbursement or any other reason.