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Feb 24 2022

Desktop Client - 3.3.0 Release

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We have officially released version 3.3.0 of our Desktop client! With fixes being implemented and new features becoming available in this release, we urge users to transition into the latest release of the VPN client. While you’re able to find the changes made in this update in the Changelog on our website, some of the notable changes are listed below. These changes include: 

  • Support Handshake domain name resolution (Using HDNS nameservers) 

  • Public IP is displayed even when not connected 

  • "Time to Connect" stats can be sent to PIA on an opt-in basis to help improve our service 

  • Fixed default folder when browsing for applications in Split Tunnel application selection 

As always, if you run into any issues installing the update or using our service, our Support Team would be more than happy to assist with addressing your needs! Whether through our 24/7 Live Chat Support or our Ticketing system, we want to ensure anonymity for all users seeking it!