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Oct 5 2021

Mobile Application - 3.12.2 Release

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We are pleased to announce the latest version of our mobile application, 3.12.3! Included in the iOS release, you will find that the VPN client fully supports iOS 15 and the ability to provide us feedback from within the client’s settings will be displayed by default. This, as well as improvements to the backend of the application were made.  

In version 3.12.3 of the Android client, you will find that we have addressed a reconnecting issue with the VPN client that occurred when connecting over the WireGuard protocol. In addition to this, similar to the improvements made within the iOS client, you will find that the client runs smoother with the backend improvements that were made.  

If you run into issues using our service, whether it’s configuring your client or the now patched WireGuard reconnection issue, please reach out to our Support Team and we will be more than happy to assist you with sorting things out.