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"Allow LAN" feature for IOS - Feedback / Suggestion - PIA Support Portal


"Allow LAN" feature for IOS Awaiting Review

Recently I have switched from android to an iPhone device, and am missing a much needed feature in the IOS app.

With the VPN active I am able to access devices on the same VLAN/subnet as the phone, however devices on a different VLAN/subnet that still reside in my local network are not accessible without disabling the VPN service. This can be confirmed with a simple ping test. At home I have segregated "IOT" devices to a different VLAN for security reasons, which includes streaming devices such as Chromecast. What this means is that in order to operate my streaming devices at home I have to disable the VPN service.

This of course was not the case when using the Android application with the "block local network" option disabled, this option worked perfectly for accessing all local network devices. I hope I have explained the issue well enough and that PIA can add in the same functionality on IOS in the near future. Basically, the same feature set should be made available to the users regardless of operating system.

Additionally, it would be great to see consistent verbiage across operating systems. The desktop application uses "allow lan" where the android application uses "block local network" which is the exact same feature. It should be made consistent to avoid any confusion.