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Increase Identity Guard Email Slots - Feedback / Suggestion - PIA Support Portal


Increase Identity Guard Email Slots Awaiting Review

Identity Guard is a fantastic feature that basically adds real time tracking to the famous website haveibeenpwned (not sure if links are allowed). But if you haven't noticed, PIA only allows two e-mails per account to be monitored.

I use a handful emails on a daily basis, and I have many more that I use and own in total. Hopefully I'm not alone in that. Being able to add just a few more emails to Identity Guard would be excellent! I'd even give a couple extra bucks to be able to do it. But, I'm sure many people would disagree with my last point which is why I'd really like to hear your feedback on that and all aspects of my post. Am I in the minority by using a variety of email addresses in the PIA/VPN community?