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How can I change the credit card details on my account? - Knowledgebase / Billing / Payments - PIA Support Portal

How can I change the credit card details on my account?

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If the card details are no longer valid for any account subscription, you can update the billing information for your account using the steps below based on the payment method used to purchase the service: 

  • For purchases made through PayPal/Amazon/Google, you would need to update the credit card info from within those payment service accounts. 

  • If the account was purchased directly by credit card (i.e. without using PayPal/Amazon/Google) you can update the card details by simply logging into the Client Control Panel at 

Once logged in, you will see a link called "Update credit card details". Clicking this link will reveal a form where you can enter the info for your new card; click Update to save (Please note: card changes can only be entered once every 15 days). 

If you encounter issues updating your details in this way, please feel free to reach out to our support team with an email to so we can help resolve this with you. 

After the card is updated, the new card would be applied to the next payment attempt on your subscription; payment attempts are made at the due date, then again 3 days later, then again 7 days after that, then will finally cancel if that last payment fails. If this occurs, a new account would be required to continue service: