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How do I change my current subscription to a yearly payment term? - Knowledgebase / Account / Account Purchase/Cancellation/Reactivation - PIA Support Portal

How do I change my current subscription to a yearly payment term?

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Depending on the payment method you used to purchase the service, you may have an option to upgrade to a yearly or bi-yearly subscription term. 

The types of payment methods that allow upgrades are the following: Credit Card, PayPal, or Amazon. You can upgrade to a yearly or bi-yearly subscription term by first logging into the "My Account" tab on our site, located here

Once logged in, you should see an "Upgrade Subscription" option under the Subscription Overview tab.

For Credit Card, PayPal, and Amazon purchases, clicking on Upgrade will initiate the payment for whichever subscription term you choose. If you are upgrading your account in the middle of your existing subscription term, the upgrade payment will subtract a prorated amount based on the unused portion of the previously paid term. 

For older PayPal accounts, a new account will need to be purchased due to PayPal upgrading their payment system. Users can also reactivate this account once terminated with a new PayPal transaction.

If you used any other payment method, there is no direct upgrade option: 

For Google, you would need to login to your Google Payments account, and cancel the recurring subscription there; you will still be able to use the account until the end of the paid term. Once your existing subscription expires, purchase a new account at the following links and subscribe to the desired package with the new payment method you'd like to use for future payments:

PIA Website: 

PIA Android (Google Play):

iOS apps (Apple/iTunes): 

For all other payment types, you can skip the payment and use the above link to purchase a new account after your existing one terminates.