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How do I request a refund? - Knowledgebase / Billing / Refunds - PIA Support Portal

How do I request a refund?

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All refunds must be requested via a support ticket. You can submit a support ticket via the Contact Us link or by email to [email protected].

* Note: Refund requests are only available within the first 30 days of the last payment per our terms of service.  Further information pertaining to our refund policy can be found in our Terms of Service.

In order to refund your payment, we would need all of the following information from you to verify the account, for security reasons:

  • The email address you entered during account registration.
  • The complete PIA Order number from your payment confirmation email.

If you do not have the Order number, please provide the following account verification info, based on your payment method:

  • Paypal: The Profile ID or Subscription ID from the details of the Paypal subscription for our service. It will begin with I- or S-, followed by several numbers and letters. (e.g. I-DXC3...etc., S-26F9...etc.) PLEASE NOTE: we can NOT use the "Billing ID" for verification 
  • Amazon: The Transaction ID from the details of the Amazon subscription for our service. It should start with "P01-...." (e.g. P01-5128xxx-xxx... etc.) 
  • Google: The Google Order Number for our service. It should start with "GPA..", followed by a series of numbers. Older order numbers are long strings of digits separated by a "." 
  • Bitcoin: The Bitpay transaction URL. It should look similar to this: "" (Note: This is not the Blockchain URL you received. You may have to contact Bitpay ([email protected]) to get the proper, unhashed transaction URL. Please also include the Bitcoin wallet address you would like the refund sent to.)
  • iOS App/iTunes: These account purchases cannot be provided by PIA; they must be requested through the App store. Sorry for any inconvenience. See this Apple Knowledge Base article for more information. Please note: purchases made using iTunes gift cards will not be refundable
  • Paygarden or Private Internet Access Gift card: As per our Terms of Service, these purchases are non-refundable)

Please include the above requested information in your refund request, to expedite the processing of the request.

Please also note that it may take 5-10 business days (or as soon as your payment provider finishes the refund process on their end) following the completion of your refund, for the funds to be reflected on your end.