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How do your Browser Extensions work?

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We currently offer three different browser extensions: Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. 

The Chrome, Firefox, and Opera Extensions work by redirecting all browser traffic through an HTTPS proxy server.  

All Private Internet Access regions are available through the proxy service and also use TLSv1.3 to encrypt communication between your browser and Private Internet Access. 

Our extensions do not affect applications other than the browsers themselves. They can also be used with or without the Private Internet Access desktop application. The extensions also support making HTTP, HTTPS, and secure WebSocket requests through the proxy service. However, plaintext WebSockets are not supported. 

In addition to being a client for the Private Internet Access proxy service, the extensions also include additional features that help protect your privacy and security while using Google Chrome, Firefox, or Opera and Private Internet Access. You can visit our Browser Extension Guide for an extensive list of these features.