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I'm not able to login - Knowledgebase / Account / Account Password/ Username - PIA Support Portal

I'm not able to login

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Many times, issues with logging in are simply due to using the incorrect credentials for the area you're trying to login to. Listed below are the various types of login information for use with our service, and where each would be used. 

"p" Username and Password

ex: p1234567  

This is the default username you will receive with your Private Internet Access account and it remains the same for the duration of the account. It is used to log into the Client Control Panel and is also used to login to our VPN application, as well as any OpenVPN-based connection type. It is also used within our iOS and Android applications. 

You can change your password for this set of credentials, via the following link here, or via the Client Control Panel directly, as linked above. 

"x" Username and Password 

ex: x1234567  

This is a special username and password for use with our SOCKS5 proxy service. This set of credentials must be created manually, which can be done via the Client Control Panel. The following guide “ How to Generate Proxy Credentials” explains how to do so with step-by-step instructions.  You can also find specific step-by-step guides on how to set up each proxy for each operating system here.    

The password for this set of credentials can be changed at any time by logging into the Client Control Panel and clicking the "Re-generate" button. 

Note: There is a known issue with iOS, that causes data that is copy/pasted to become corrupt during entry. To ensure you can login successfully on any iOS setup, please carefully type in your username and password manually.